Please find below the steps for installation to start working in blazor,

  1. Install latest .Net Core 3.0 Preview version from here. for respective OS platform.

  2. Verfiy the latest version successfully install in machine using .Net Core cli,

dotnet --version
  1. Create boilerplate code provided by using below commands,
dotnet new blazor -o WebApplication1
  1. Navigate to WebApplication1 folder,
cd WebApplication1
  1. Build and Run WebApplication1 project,
dotnet build
dotnet run
  1. The blazor app is running in localhost either in port 5000 or 5001,



View from Browser Dev tools

The below image shows the list of files got loaded while blazor application loads,

View from Browser Devtools

  1. Initially static files got loaded ( *.css , *.js / *.json ).
  2. With the help of mono.js, the webassembly file (mono.wasm) got loaded into browser.
  3. FirstBlazorApp.dll is the actual website dll file and remaining all other dlls are part of .Net framework.

In current preview release, the initial framework dll takes some extra bytes during page load and size may reduce later in actual release.

Last Updated: 11/9/2019, 11:22:54 AM