Client side routing can be done in blazor by decorating the component with @page directive as we already seen in previous examples,

@page "/parent-component"

<h3> Parent Component</h3>
<p>String in Parent: @parentString</p>
<button onclick="@PassToChild">Pass String To Child</button>

Here /parent-component is the routing path from root URI. The routing still works if we move those components *.razor files to any sub folders inside Pages folder.

Route Parameters

Parameters can be passed as query strings to the components using Route Parameters, below code specifies RouteId of type int can be passed along with /bindings/ routing path,

@page "/bindings/{RouteId:int}"

<p>Route Parameter: @RouteId.ToString()</p> 

@functions {
    private int RouteId { get; set; }

A component can have multiple routings

@page "/bind"
@page "/bindings"
@page "/one-way-bindings"


@functions {
    private int sample { get; set; } = 100;

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